5 Makeup tricks every girl should know

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Written by Costbuys

Applying and buying the right makeup can be overwhelming with the number of beauty online shopping website and physical makeup stores, selling a wide range of products. However here are some key tips that will help you look your best.

Your foundation looks unnatural – Start with finding the right color of foundation that is close to your natural shade. Use the back of your wrist to match shades. When applying your foundation, apply it by dotting it on your face. Then apply it with your fingertips or a wet sponge. Always start with a little foundation and then add more if needed.

You want long lashes that stand out – For this look; you will need a fresh mascara that is no more than a month old. Start with wiggling your mascara at the base of your lashes and sweep upward. You should aim for thickness at the base and lightness at the tip.

Mastering a multi-use product – You should own a multi-use product, that can be applied on your cheeks as well as your lips. Pink is a good color to invest in, as it matches all skin tones. Choose a creamy moose that will blend well on your cheeks and lips.

A bold red pout – Red lips instantly dress an outfit, while elevating how you feel. You will need a sharp lip liner and red lipstick of your choosing. To make this lipstick stay put, you should apply it with a lip brush.

Look for brands that offer an online shopping discount for products that are purchased as a bundle.


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