Can You Safely Swim with Contact Lenses?

Summary: Swimming with contact lenses is actually unsafe and could have long-term effects that could impact your health.

One question many people have is whether they can swim while wearing their contact lenses. While they are a fantastic alternative to eyeglasses and provide more flexibility while wearing them, it is not recommended to swim while wearing any type of contact lenses. This guide will discuss the caveats and potential dangers you face.

Now, despite the fact that contact lenses rest comfortable in the eye, swimming is not an activity that a contact lens wearer should be doing while wearing their lenses.

The Potential for Infection

One of the primary issues users face is the presence of microorganisms in both pools and the ocean. Water, whether it’s from a faucet or a pool filled with chlorine, contains millions of tiny bacteria that can infect your eyes.

When bacteria is trapped on the lens or between the lens and the eye, they can infect or damage them, resulting in either an infection or even long-term vision damage.

You Can Lose Them

As soon as your lenses hit the water, there is a solid amount of pressure that can flush out the contact lens. And, unless you can see clearly underwater, the chances that you’ll find them are slim to none. The amount of money that you spend on your contact lenses makes this an investment that you should be extremely careful with.

Final Thoughts

Contact lenses are not designed to be exposed to an extensive amount of water while in the eye. Performing underwater activities with your lenses can expose you to a great deal of bacteria and put you at risk for an infection that may threaten your well-being. It’s always better to be safe than risking the health of your eye.

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