How to groom your eyebrows to suit your face shape?

The right shaped brows will balance your face and make you look your best. Since all faces are different, it is important to shape your brows to your specific face shape. Here are some tips to help you choose the right shaped brows for your face.

Heart-shaped faces – Heart-shaped faces will have wider cheeks compared to their hairline coupled with a narrow chin. Look at rounded or low arched brows that are paired perfectly. Your eyebrow curve should create a heart look that matches your face.

Square-shaped faces – Square-shaped faces will have even hairlines and jawlines, making a face equally long and wide. To soften this face shape, look at rounded brows that are thick.

Rectangular faces – Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide and the hairline and jawlines are even. Look at a flat eyebrow shape that creates the illusion of a shorter face. A very slight curve in the brow can add roundness.

Round faces – Round faces are equally long and wide, with no major points or angles. Round faces also have rounded jaws and chins. To sharpen a round face, look at an arched brow that lifts the face and creates definition.

Oval-shaped faces – Oval shaped faces look like an upside-down egg. Oval faces will look best with angled brows that are softer than one for round faces.

Long faces – Long faces are twice as long as they are wide. Look at brows with a longer tail that create balance. A straight brow is also a good option as it will make a face appear shorter.