Tips on Creating a Portable Makeup Station

makeupA makeup artist is often on the go. This means that they need to be able to create a portable makeup station.

Stock up on the basics. Your makeup station should be equipped with the basic tools you need to get the job done right. Make sure you have every type of brush on the market. It’s also important to stock up on basic sanitary supplies, such as tissues, antibacterial gel, and disposable tools. Finally, the fundamental color palettes for eyes shadow, lipsticks, and other makeup products should also be in your portable station.

Tailor the station according to the job. Once you have the basic tools and supplies, you can customize the products according to the project. For example, you will need a different set of colors and products for applying makeup on a bride than you will need for a fashion show. Make sure to assess the job at hand and change up the products accordingly.

Sanitize before the big day. After you’ve created your kit, it’s time to make sure everything is sanitized and cleaned before the work day—basic makeup training courses can provide a refresher if you need one. This means you will need to sanitize your brushes, palettes, and knives with 99 percent alcohol or a proper cleaner. Avoid leaving the kit in the car, which will prevent the growth of bacteria, and make sure that you sanitize or throw away anything that falls on the floor.