Ask yourself these 6 questions before you get your next hair cut or color

Article Written by : Fancy That Jewelry Design

Changing your hair style or color is a scary experience. You could end up looking like the best you ever or things could go horribly wrong, and you will find yourself hiding out till it grows out. Here are six questions that you should ask yourself before your next haircut or color.

How often do you wear a ponytail? –Ponytails will be difficult with shorter styles.

How much time are you willing to spend on your hair? – If you are willing to spend an extra half hour in the morning on styling your hair, then you can consider a more complicated style. However, if you usually rush out of bed and have little time to style your hair, a simpler hairstyle that matches the texture of your hair will be more suited for you.

Are you ready to shake things up? – If you are looking for a transformation and have been craving a new look for months, then wait a week to select a new look and then take the plunge.

Does the look you want exist? – Explaining the look you want can be difficult, therefore take a picture of the hairstyle you are looking at and ask the stylist if they can create the same look.

Ask when you were the happiest with your hair color? – For example, if you loved a color you rocked in college, you may be looking for a color that is lighter and more fun.

What’s your skin tone for the majority of the year? – If you spend your days at the beach or visit tanning spas regularly, you should make a note to avoid bright colors that will clash with your complexion.