Makeup that is good for you

cosmeticmaterialsGone are the days when makeup was worn to camouflage your skin. Today’s makeup is more aligned to help protect and repair your skin, in order to make you look your best without makeup. Here is some anti-aging makeup that are smart buys.

High-grade SPF makeup – Foundations have now been added with broad-spectrum titanium dioxide and zinc sunblock. These will protect your skin from cancer and aging. These foundations are light and leave no chalky residue because the sunblock minerals have been micronized into fine particles.

Anti-aging foundations – New markup brands are now packed with antioxidants that inhibit free-radical formation. They are also enriched with alpha hydroxy acids, which help to exfoliate skin and give a fresh appearance.

Moisturizing lipsticks – Most long lasting lipstick dry lips and leave lips chapped. The latest lipsticks are long lasting and are enriched with moisturizing ingredients, like aloe, avocado oil, and apricot kernel oil. They also plump lips using Retinol SPF 15 with vitamins A, C, E and collagen.

Mineral makeup – If you have skin that is sensitive to chemicals, mineral makeup is the best choice for you. Mineral makeup uses no preservatives and mostly natural ingredients that provide an anti-inflammatory effect. These forms of makeup are best for acne prone skin because they will reduce skin from getting clogged.

Although makeup today has many benefits, it should be used only when necessary and removed by the end of the day, with a mild makeup remover.