Pros and cons of using brushes, sponges or your fingers to apply makeup

Woman Using Makeup Sponge

Woman Using Makeup Sponge

Article Written by : Danie’s Beauty Salon

There are many ways you can apply your makeup and people usually prefer one method to another. Here are the pros and cons to each tool.

Brushes – Brushes will give your makeup application an air brushed finish. Brushes will help you precisely apply and blend your makeup. You can opt to use brushes for cream and powder makeup. When using brushes, start off with a small amount of makeup and gradually build up your look.

Sponges – Sponges will also give you a blended look with a flawless finish. To evenly distribute the product, wet your sponge first and then apply liquid foundations. This will give a lightweight finish that is sheer. You can buy different sponges for different makeup techniques. However, sponges tend to soak up product, causing a lot of wastage.

Fingertips – Using your fingertips is the cleanest option, if you wash your hands before application. However, using your fingertips can cause more concentrated application. If you choose to use your fingertips, use it to apply eye shadow and cream blushes, as they are easier to apply. When applying your eye makeup with your fingers, use your ring finger with not too much pressure.

Whatever application you use, the best makeup looks require practice. You could use all three applications differing on the situation. For example, when you are in a rush, your fingers will make an easy and quick tool. However, if you want a more done-up look, a brush or sponge is best.