Seven Reasons to buy organic makeup

cosmeticmaterials jan 2017Article Written by : The Official Law of Attraction

Leading a fit healthy lifestyle has become a goal of many. However, although we are concerned about what we put in our bodies, we should also be concerned about what we apply to them. Here are seven reasons to consider switching to organic makeup.

To save the environment – Conventional makeup has aluminum, petroleum, and lead, which are all harmful to the environment.

Your skin is a sponge – Your skin is your biggest organ and it soaks up everything you put on it. Even though these products have small amounts of toxins they are still toxins and are being accumulated in our organs and tissues.

Fragrance – Inhaling scents can be harmful to our bodies and lungs. Some of these chemicals have links to cancer, allergies, and birth defects.

Nutrients – Since our skin is like a sponge, it is a good habit to nourish it with nutrients that will benefit our skin.

Gentle on skin – Using harsh chemicals on our skin will often have a negative effect later on and sometimes make skin appear older.

Moisturizers – To moisturize your skin opt for natural products like extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and olive oil.

Use your kitchen – Items in your kitchen are great as scrubs, face masks or moisturizers. Look at items like brown sugar, honey, avocado and eggs for inspiration.