Ways to Increase your hair growth

Majority of people are always looking for different ways of making their hair look great and healthy. Danie’s Beauty Salon has compiled several simple and easy tips that will accelerate your hair growth.

A healthy and balanced diet comprising of leafy green vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other protein sources is essential for increased hair growth. Drink plenty of water.

It is important that you gently massage your scalp with your fingertips, at least once a week.

Regularly washing your hair with shampoo can make your hair lose its natural oils, thus making it dry. Wash your hair with a chemical-free shampoo only two times a week. Condition your hair after every wash.

Get yourself a haircut at least after every three months. This will help to get rid of split ends as they prevent the hair growth. You must make sure that your hair is not excessively brushed and wrapped in a towel.

Replace your cotton pillow covers with silk ones as silk covers tend to reduce friction, resulting in few hair tangles. Natural hair packs or hair masks (onion juice, coconut milk and honey) are also important for making your hair healthy and ensuring their growth.

These hair growth tips are quite beneficial for everyone as they are quite easy to follow and will ensure that your hair growth is increased.

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