5 Tips for brides who want to do their makeup

Doing your makeup on your wedding day is cheaper, and it will also mean that you can control how you will look on the day. Here are some tips for brides who want to do their own makeup.

You don’t need to buy all new makeup – If you already own good quality products that match your skin tone, look at using these products on your wedding day.

Do a makeup trial and take photos of yourself – Look online and consider a bridal makeup look that you want to duplicate. You could also look on Youtube for makeup tutorials that offer a step by step tutorial for brides. Once you have practiced and applied your makeup, get a friend to take some pictures from all sides of your face. Look at taking your photos at the same time of day as your wedding.

Look for products that are long-wear, long-lasting, and waterproof – Since you will be wearing your makeup for many hours, you should invest in products that will stay put for the entire day.

Avoid products that are high-definition, anti-aging, or those that contain SPF – Products with these titled will give your photos a white cast and cause your skin to reflect, which can leave you looking pale.

Allow yourself plenty of time to do your makeup on your big day – Being rushed to do your makeup will leave you frazzled and nervous. Therefore look at doing your makeup at least four hours before you need to be ready.