Why Are Today’s Fashion Designers Using Meditation in Their Business Lives?

If you’ve been wondering about meditation and wanting to try it then this is as good a time as any. In every industry today you will find people who meditate on a weekly basis. This includes the fashion industry. The stress level is so high in the world of fashion, but these professionals have no other choice. They must look for all-natural ways to stay calm and focused on the work at hand. Meditation provides all that and more.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue contains numerous wise sayings, such as:

“The pattern of the past can never bring a new present life. Instead of being doomed to repeat the cycles in crushing defeats, why not just shake off the shackles of old thinking to create a totally new lifestyle for the world?”

In the beginning, you may want to check out the various types of meditation. These include:

Zen meditation

Transcendental Meditation

spiritual meditation

mindfulness meditation

many others

Once you decide on a type, the next thing you’ll need to do is learn how to perform deep breathing exercises. There are videos and instructional materials online. Typically, you will start by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, in through your nose–then holding it for a moment before releasing it. Focus on each breath. Don’t let your mind wander worrying about the affairs of life. Just relax and enjoy this time.

Zhang Xinyue has other quotes from her book:

“We yearn to grow, become abundant and happy. You may escape from reality, but can you escape from your selfhood? Take a breath and another one. What is your decision?”