6 Travel beauty tips

Article Written by : Fashion Of The Celebs

Everyone’s appearance takes a toll when they are traveling on long journeys in a car, bus, train or on a plane. However, including these simple beauty tips will help you reach your destination looking your best.


Moisturize – To increase hydration levels before you travel; you should apply an intense moisturizer on your face, hands, and feet.

Forgo the foundation – It is best to leave off the foundation and only apply a moisturizer on your face. If you simply can’t travel without makeup opt for a tinted moisturizer or use a primer before you apply your foundation. The primer stop your foundation and blush absorbing your natural facial oils, which will keep your face moist while traveling.

Mist with mineral water – If you want to freshen up your makeup or your moisturizer, spritz with some mineral water and add more moisturizer.

Blot oily skin – For those who have oily skin, traveling can make your skin produce more oil, while for less shine, use oil blotting paper on your T-zones.

Add some shimmer – Travel can leave your skin looking dull. To give your face an instant pick me up, apply a soft shimmer powder on your cheeks, bridge, and nose.

Skip long-lasting lipsticks – Long lasting lipsticks will make your lips a lot dryer when traveling. Instead, choose a clear lip gloss or a lip balm with a stain. Keep reapplying your lip gloss or balm to keep your lips moist and to avoid cracks.