Six makeup tips on mastering a bold lip colour

A rich bold lip color is one of the biggest beauty statements, and one that is easy and affordable. But making sure your lip color stays put and is the right shade is key to getting the look just right. Here are 6 makeup tips on mastering a bold lip color.

Prep your lips – Applying a lip balm prior to applying your lipstick, will make your lips smooth and soft. Once you have let your lip balm sit for about 5 minutes, blot your lips with tissue to remove excess balm.

Define with lip liner and concealer – Line your lips with a lip color that matches your natural lip color, not your lipstick. Adding a little concealer on your lips will help to smooth out your lips and create a clean base for your color.

Start off with a stain – Start applying a lip stain all over your lips. This will ensure that you don’t miss any creases on your lips. Then start applying a lipstick in a matching shade. For more dimension, apply a lip shade in a darker shade.

Use a lip brush – If you are new to applying lip sticks from the tube, use a lip brush for precision.

Set your look with blotting papers – Set your color with Japanese blotting papers. This will help to hold your color for longer.

Balance the rest of your makeup – A rich lip color looks best when it is balanced with the rest of your makeup. Opt for minimal makeup that is modern. Think natural makeup with a little blush.